(Official)Horizon Recruitment #1
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Hello, I would like to formally welcome you to Horizon's second recruitment thread.

Horizon is a team of middle quality individuals in every field from Social engineering to Coding.

We are looking to recruit some new members which would fit our groups criteria. 
Best of luck to all of you.

  • Maximum of 50% warning level *

  • No Scam opened reports

  • More than 75 posts

  • Positive reputation*

  • Registered for over one month and a half

  • Agree with our Code of Conduct and Regulations

* = Exceptions can be made

Horizon Code of Conduct and Regulations

As a member in Horizon, you're obliged to obey the conducts and regulations and I ask you to read them carefully and follow them.
  • Respect all members within the group.

  • Abuse/Bullying within the group or towards other users is strictly forbidden.

  • Things shared/leaked within the group will remain within the group.

  • Any abuses made can be reported to @"Anonymous" .

  • Any scam report(s) opened against you will result in temporary removal from the group until solved.

  • Screenshots/videos of ANY content within Horizon and it's subsections is strictly forbidden.

  • Remain active in the sub-forums

Application Layout

We do like to see people who stand out and make their app however they like
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While applying keep in mind:
No one liners.
250 words minimum. 
Don't apply from the CP.
Don't PM n@"Anonymous"  or any other leader about your application.
Don't quote or PM @"Anonymous"  or any other leader why you were kicked.

Nice userbar! GL!

(01-11-2017, 05:00 PM)Sqweerl Wrote: Nice userbar! GL!
Thanks man


@"Anonymous" Reuirement "500 Posts" I don't think that should be a requirement as you don't even have 500.
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good luck with who all applys :)
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