Clothes bought Years ago still fit me!
It's proof that I didn't grow much, size-wise, or else the clothes I got 5-6 years ago wouldn't still fit me now. For example, I tried on a top I got about 5 years ago today, and I was amazed it still fit me. So yeah, it seems like I don't grow much in weight. So hell yeah, I can have any food I want. So, I'd like to know, do clothes you got a long time ago still fit you? If they did, would you still wear them? I'd wear them still as they're not broken anymore, aren't dirty and are still clean. So, why not?
Or would you still wear anything you got a long time ago? And by long time, I mean years and years ago.

oh lucky You

Maybe from a year or two ago, however, they are awfully tight and very uncomfortable to wear.
If you need assistance with anything, feel free to message me.

I am NOT a robot or am I?

I'm still 19 so I'm pretty much growing still (at a slow pace though). I can fit in stuff I bought a year or two ago but that's about it. The rest are a bit too small.

From over a year or two ago sure. I hope to have lost some weight over the years but I think I'm still the same size.

Hey, you are really lucky. As, now because of eating junk food, the weight of a person grows rapidly.

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