A drama-free Relationship, is it possible?
I'd like to ask your opinion about this, do you believe it's possible to get a relationship without any drama at all? Without any fights, stress or anxiety and always getting along with each other? Do you think it's possible to get that kind of relationship with anyone whatsoever? Be it a friend, family, a romantic partner. I don't think it's possible. All of the relationships I've been in are loaded with tons of drama and verbal fights, even sometimes physical. So yeah, what's your view about this matter?

No its not possible and never will be...

Never are any relationships smooth sailing, and never will they be in the future. Everyone has ups and downs. That's what makes relationships real. If you don't test each other (be it in friendships, family, or intimate relationships), you'll never really get to know the other. Struggles are always present. And if it's real, youll come out on the other side stronger and closer. (Clichéd but true)

My hubby and I....we don't really fight.  We have never really fought at any point in our marriage.  There may be times where we disagree on something but we find ways to work through it and work it out.  We don't spend time fighting about it.

I don't think it's possible. Friendships are more likely to be without any fights, but romantic relationships? It doesn't seem realistic or healthy to never ever fight? It's unrealistic that you spend so much time together and never does one of you not get angry or mad, even if it's not caused by the other person. Idk, I even categorize ignoring each other and letting it "fizzle out" as a fight and it's impossible for me to imagine a relationship where you never ever fight?
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