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Valerian, my first Western science-fiction Movie Review!
So this afternoon I went to see the movie : “Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets.” I’d like to review it in 8 parts : 1. Plot. 2. Genres. 3. Cast. 4. Major Characters. 5. Dialogue 6. Music 7. Visual Effects 8. General opinion and average rating.

1. Plot : It was too simple-minded, cliche, cheesy and nothing original and no creativity.

2. Genres : science-fiction, romance, adventure, action. The romance in there was immature and poorly done.

3. Cast : The male lead actor did a very poor job in his role as Valerian. The female lead was slightly better. The antagonist was the best. But the acting between the main characters felt forced, and there wasn’t much chemistry between them.

4. Major Characters : I liked Laureline, the main female character and the super villain.

5. Dialogue : It was at times funny, but more aimed at a teenage and kids’ audience than adult.

6. Music : It was fine.

7. Visual Effects : The movie heavily relied on them. The imagery was very pretty and it was worth it in 3D.

8. General Opinion and average Rating : 6/10. It was a movie for a more immature audience. As I read the graphic novels, it greatly disappointed me. Go for it’s visual effects in 3d. It was the only thing that salvaged it.
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