Make-up and Clothing!
As there are no beauty and fashion sub-forums on FA, personally think it's lacking these ones on a general board, that's why I posted this topic in personal. So, what's your fashion style and do you wear make-up? I know many men who use make-up as well, not all gay either, so yeah, hence why I'm asking first : are you male or female? and 2nd, do you use make-up? Do you follow fashion? I don't, I've got an everyday, casual clothing style, whatever suits the day's weather. Like tomorrow's gonna pretty cold out, so I'm planning to wear my fall Columbia jacket and a sweater underneath. I usually wear jeans in the colder weather and for hotter days, it's a feminine top and a skirt. Never worn mini-skirts in my life. And I wear make-up everyday too. My lip gloss, my nail polish, and my eye-shadow are a must for me. And I'd wear a few jewelries and accessories on. So, how about you?  What's your clothing style? How about make-up?

I'd like to think of my style in general to be rather simplistic. Even when it comes to make up, I follow French cosmetic traditions of letting your natural features shine through, and using make up as an aid to enhance those features rather than smother them. My fashion sense is practical and comfortable, sure I'd glam up on really special occasions, but on everyday/weekend basis, it's just a top and jeans duo and a good pair of Chelsea boots which I've always loved. I do like dressing up but I'm not really fussy..

In all honesty, it isn's a requested category, therefore, the general chat section or personal should be suitable enough. I do not wear makeup, however, I would say mostly goth guys wear makeup that I have known, My style is formal but casual too. I like to be diverse, however, I'm not fully satisfied with my choices.

If you require assistance don't hesitate to send me a direct message, alternatively, contact a member of staff or refer to our custom help documents. 

In the summer time, I'm normally seen wearing a t-shirt and shorts.  If it's winter time, then I'll wear a t-shirt and jeans with a jacket or coat, depending on how cold it is outside.  I don't normally wear make-up.  I will wear some type of lip gloss or lip balm to help my lips because my lips become chapped pretty quickly during the winter time.

I'm a guy and I don't wear makeup. It depends on the weather and what the occasion is really. If I'm just going shopping or somewhere relaxed then I'll just wear some casual clothes or a tracksuit.

I think in summer season, wearing shorts is choice of maximum people.

No longer wear makeup as makes my eyes full of styes. And my rosacea bad- I think my styes are connected.
Fashion - Never followed it, I wear what I like and these days I prefer to wear what's comfy.  
So band top, and baggy cargo pants, or soft leggings. shoes wise I wear skater style.

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