So, please put on your Headphones on public Transport!
[Image: blank.gif]So, please put on your headphones on public transport, because it can annoy some hyper-sensitive people. When talking on your cell or listening to music or playing a game, watching a video, you can do it, but please please, would you put on your headphones cause the noise is annoying! When I was taking the bus this morning, a teenager wasn't using his headphones, and his music was so loud that the whole bus could hear it! And it was rap too, a genre I hate. Therefore, please be considerate to other passengers when you use anything that makes noise. At least, I always wear mine in my ears when using something that makes noise on public transport. I see it as a basic courtesy to fellow passengers.
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I have to agree with you on this, in fact, a few mornings I have gotten on the bus at 6.20am to go to work and the driver himself had his phone by his side playing a podcast or some news on football ( a subject I dislike ) I was unsettled as it was very early.
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I listen to my music on my MP3 player and I use ear buds along with it.  That way, other people don't have to deal with my music because I know that other people are going to have different tastes in music than I do.  I'll even use it at home when listening to my music so that I won't force my hubby to listen to my music.  Now, when I am in my car then I'll have the radio turned on to whatever music I like to listen to because usually I'm in my car by myself.

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