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Blog commenting
Hey I want to know how blog commenting is a helpful off-page SEO technique? Also suggest high ranking blog commenting sites.

"Guest Posting" is the way forward Nisha. What guest posting? Guest posting is that you go and write articles for high ranking blog owners that will link back to your website. The way to do this is that you need to get friendly with the blog owner by just keep going to the blog and writing on the guest comments or get in contact with them via e-mail and build up a relationship with the owner and then eventually you will have a solid relationship and that's when you ask the owner in a friendly and related manor to ask him/her to see if you can add a link in the article your going to write for him/her blog but make sure it relates and helps the blog owners site.

That's all I got for you and what I found out that works very well in ranking any site.

Thank you for sharing information. Indeed guest posting is one of the most followed off-page SEO techniques. Good backlink gaining technique.

I've stopped to comment on articles on a blog before, if I've found the articles on that blog interesting.  But I've never "guest posted on a blog before.  I've heard of blogs doing it, I've just never done it myself.

Indeed blog commenting is one of the best technique to boost your brand online. Along with this technique you can also try out
- Press release submission
- Image sharing
- social media sharing
- video marketing
- Infographics sharing

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