How much time spent?
How much time do you spend on your desktop/laptop/tablet?  What all do you use your tech for?  What do you do while using your tablet/computer?

I multi-task whenever I'm on my laptop, to be fair. I spend quite a bit of the day on my laptop and phone actually. Not sure how many hours I spend exactly but it would be quite considerable.

When I'm on my laptop, I spend my time among several different places.  My forum and one other community is where I spend a lot of my time.  I do hang around several other places but I'm not there as much.

I usually use my laptop and mobile for doing my work..
Usually I used to send more than 7  hours with this..
But it may varies.....I love to send time with my phone more.After my work I will,l start to spend time with my phone I just surf in internet and chat with my friends.
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I use my phone most of the day when I'm not working and I use my laptop second most to watch movies and shop online or write.

I forgot to mention earlier that I use my laptop more than the desktop or any other device at the house.  I can sit anywhere in the house with my laptop and I'm not just stationed in one spot.  I don't like using my phone because I don't want to drain my battery using the internet when I have a laptop that works just as well.

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