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How do you gain members?
What method do you prefer to use when it comes to recruiting individuals to your website, do you use advertisements on sites, exchanges, social media, do you post your site in forum showcase sections. Feel free to share with us below.

If you require assistance don't hesitate to send me a direct message, alternatively, contact a member of staff or refer to our custom help documents. 

Any method of advertisement is good advertisement!

Ever heard the saying "all press is good press"? I personally think a website sells itself upon the first ever glance, if you know what to expect from similar websites in terms of content and design than if the website you're visiting has a completely different approach to things than you're going to be interested! Take FA for example, FA is run on MyBB, the theme is completely different to all other themes I've seen and the functionality (from what I can tell, only been here < minute haha) is brilliant.

If it was me, personally - I would stick to websites that have an audience that would be interested in the website (in this case a forum) that I own. If you go to advertise to gamers but you're selling (for example) protein shakes, this may not necessarily appeal to them.

What I said earlier about all advertisement is good advertisement, you must remember your target audience because it's a waste of time and money advertising on a site that has different clientele to the ones you're trying to attract.

Twitter is good when it comes to getting traffic going on your forum.  That's what has worked best for me anyway.

Social media is a pretty difficult method of gaining members to be honest because you need to know what you're doing. For me, the most effective is forum advertising.

Starting off, I'll also do exchanges with other people in order to get some members and traffic going as well.  Otherwise, it's hard to get people to join a site with no members/activity on it.

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