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Plans for the future.
Good morning everyone,

It is about time that I informed you on the plans that will be made on Forum Authority in the near future. As you may know i had taken quite a long absence from the site, in doing so leaving all my responsibilities behind. There is many options I have contemplated during this period, however, the one that sticks to me the best is taking ownership of this site once again. Forum Authority has grown tremendously thus far and it would not be fair on you the community to let it wether up and die or transform into something different. I am grateful for the transition and progress the site has made and having such a wonderful community. I do apologise sincerely for letting the site reach this stage and effecting the community as a whole. 

I will do my up most best beginning today to get the site to it's original glory. I will make another thread shortly detailing some upcoming site and design changes. 

Thank you for sticking in during this period.
If you need assistance with anything, feel free to message me.

I am NOT a robot or am I?

That's  awesome :D
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How about fixing this??

Postbit is all mucked up... (BTW... using the Dark theme as seen in the screenshot)

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