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Greetings to all forum users!

News digest from RSocks:

1. We have new special package for work with the service

[Image: 7azlGFq.png]

Proxies show stable online ~ 200 viewers for a quite long time when you work with 200-300 streams.
Brief description of the package:
  • Geo: World mix
  • Online: ~2500 ip
  • Updating of list every hour to 20-25% new ips
  • Limits: 500 threads and closed ports except for those required to work with Twitch
  • Free test for 1 hour on request and an additional 4 hours for feedback after testing.
  • Cost $30 week / $100 month
Write all suggestions and comments on support service!

2. We started a new package of proxies "Vietnam" specially for working with Asia.

[Image: 6WBErJG.png]

We present to you the characteristics of this package:
  • Geo: Vietnam
  • Online: 6500ip
  • Updating of proxies every 2 hours for 30% of new ips
  • All ports are open
  • Limit: 500 threads
  • Free test for 1 hour
  • Price: $50 / day, $ 150/week, $ 700/month
Also, you can get Vietnam package for free 1 hour to make sure of its high quality. To get a test, ask questions, write suggestions and complaints please write to our support. We would love to hear from you!

3. RSocks Team started the sponsor proxy, specially to work with the Telegram through MTProto Protocol.

[Image: 3l6cEog.jpg]

Sponsor proxies are proxies which designed to work only with Telegram, these proxies work through special Protocol MTProto, which does't allow you to make any other actions through a proxy, only for connection to the Telegram servers

The main advantage for users is that proxies are absolutely free! At the same time they keep stable connection and high speed of work. Proxy can also be used for audio calls.

Also, an additional advantage for you is that using our free sponsorship proxies you will automatically receive our information and news channel RSocks News, where we inform about all our news, promotions and special offers.


Connect to us! Use proxies, use Telegram!

If you have any questions, please contact our support service:

Jabber: | PHONE: +1 518 555 0176 | Telegram: @RSocks
Skype: | QQ: 3307018252 | WeChat: rsocks | ICQ: 560335
RSocks News: @rsocks_news

Hello everyone!

We are glad to inform you that today new personal geos of Turkey, Switzerland and Japan have become available on  RSocks!
New countries are already available for purchaseing, they can be purchased on your control panel.

[Image: QuUtMyl.png] [Image: Wxio7My.png] [Image: GVvmn5M.png]

We remind you that we expand the pool of countries according to your numerous requests. This can be done on the website or via our customer support team.

Send us your questions and suggestions, we are always in touch!

Also don't forget about our free proxies for Telegram!


Jabber: | PHONE:+1 518 555 0176 | Telegram: @RSocks
Skype: | QQ: 3307018252 | WeChat: rsocks | ICQ: 560335

Thanks for sharing!
If you need assistance with anything, feel free to message me.

I am NOT a robot or am I?

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