OoT Link Drawing [Digital]
When I arrived in the community, almost three years ago, I mentioned I liked drawing and painting, yet it seems I never took on the offer to share my stuff, so I thought the least I could do is to share this with you.
It's not much, but it is one of my most recent digital drawings.

I made that when I got my new Tablet as a test for the pressure points and stuff. It is pretty neat.
I've never been good at doing quick drawings so although is far from perfect, I am happy with it.

I also mentioned I was a big Zelda Fan and well, that hasn't changed.
So my drawing is about Link from Ocarina of Time.

[Image: 25iayw8.jpg]

Great looking drawing! 

What sort of tablet do you use, this looks great. Would love to see more of your drawings :)
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You are always more than welcome to share your creativity with the community and in my opinion the design above looks absolutely fantastic!
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