OoT Link Drawing [Digital]
When I arrived in the community, almost three years ago, I mentioned I liked drawing and painting, yet it seems I never took on the offer to share my stuff, so I thought the least I could do is to share this with you.
It's not much, but it is one of my most recent digital drawings.

I made that when I got my new Tablet as a test for the pressure points and stuff. It is pretty neat.
I've never been good at doing quick drawings so although is far from perfect, I am happy with it.

I also mentioned I was a big Zelda Fan and well, that hasn't changed.
So my drawing is about Link from Ocarina of Time.

[Image: 25iayw8.jpg]

Great looking drawing! 

What sort of tablet do you use, this looks great. Would love to see more of your drawings :)
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You are always more than welcome to share your creativity with the community and in my opinion the design above looks absolutely fantastic!

If you require assistance don't hesitate to send me a direct message, alternatively, contact a member of staff or refer to our custom help documents. 

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