Party Like It’s 2003 As PlayStation 2 Emulation Is Coming To PlayStation 4
[Image: screen-shot-2014-08-20-at-3-28-54-pm.png?w=680] If you’re into big pixels, Sony has a treat for you. The company has secretly been working on a fully functioning PlayStation 2 emulator for the PlayStation 4. It is taking advantage of this emulator for classic PS2 Star Wars games. But the company also confirmed to Wired that it is working on bringing more PS2 games to the PS4. Read More[Image: ENy1102XFgE]
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So emulation for a console that was half as powerful as the original Xbox. I mean just look at some side by side comparisons between the two.
The lack of texture memory really let down the PS2, the same thing that let down the Nintendo 64 compared to the original PlayStation.

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