Faulty phone repairs.
Don't you just hate when your phone has an issue/problem. You then have to take it to an official or regular Repair shop, upon receiving your new "fixed" phone, it turns out it wasn't as fixed as you thought it would be, basically the person you put your trust into to NOT ruin or destroy your phone has done that more, regardless to the problem being fixed, for example, my charging port broke on my phone roughly a week ago, I sent it in to a repair shop and have just gotten it back today, the charging port was fixed, but now my phone charges slower and there is NO VOLUME COMING OUT THE DEVICE! so i rang the guys back up and thankfully i'm getting that repaired tomorrow, free of charge.
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I am NOT a robot or am I?

Literally see how you feel like no lie, I get that my phone hasn't really ever been in a position to be repaired because well I don't really break it, tbh I get you so much with this point, but you should be more careful with your phone because it wouldn't have been sent to be repaired if it was well taken care of

I have done this 3 times before with an iPod that I had a warranty on, they replaced the screen and they keep coming off as if the adhesive they kept putting on there wasn't good enough or something. In the end, I just said the heck with it and switched to Android.

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