Black Friday: All of Amazon's 'actual' Black Friday deals all in one place
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Amazon is largely responsible for importing Black Friday to the UK.

It's been around for four years now but before that it was very much an exclusively American thing - landing as it does the day after Thanksgiving in the US when everyone's on holiday, drunk, and with money to spend.

This year in the UK, Amazon is leading with lightning deals again - highly discounted deals which only last a short period of time. You've got to keep your eyes peeled for those ones but keep checking here to see the latest ones!

(Amazon supplied us with some deals in advance - others are just popping up on the site so we'll keep updating this page throughout Black Friday)

Amazon Prime: Get a 30 day FREE trial to Amazon Prime and get: FREE delivery on all purchases AND early access to all Black Friday lightning deals!

Amazon lightning deals: see all of the current deals here

Amazon's full-blown Black Friday deals of the day

Amazon is of course also promoting a number of all-day deals which will last for the whole of Black Friday and in some cases through the weekend to Cyber Monday. These are all the full-blown Black Friday deals on There aren't actually that many - but remember there are thousands of other sellers on Amazon which far outweigh Amazon's own products:

Sony PS4: Get the PS4 console with FIFA 16 and the Uncharted Collection bundle for just £249 at

Xbox One: Get the Xbox One with two games for the all-time low price of £229.99

Kindle Fire tablet: Save £15 on the new Kindle Fire tablet - get it for £34.99

Kindle Fire TV: Save £10 on the Kindle Fire TV stick - get it for £24.99

Tablet for Kids: Save £30 on Amazon's tablet for kids - £69.99 for today only

Kindle Paperwhite: Get £30 off the Kindle Paperwhite and nab one for £79.99

Kindle ereader: Get an awesome but cheap Kindle ereader - now just £49.99

Harry Potter: Get the complete 8-movie DVD collection for just £13.99!

Harry Potter: Get the complete 8-movie Blu-ray collection for just £16.99!

Headphones: Pick up the Sennheiser JD598 over-ear headphones with £110 off - just £80 for today only!

Small TV: Get a great little TV for the bedroom, kids room or the kitchen - this 22-inch model by Sharp is just £109.99

Dual SIM smartphone: Got two phone numbers? Get this dual-SIM mobile phone for just £34.99

Jawbone Up 3: Get the best activity tracker on the planet and save £50 - now just £79.99

Vacuum cleaner: Get 50% off the Vax U86 vacuum cleaner - now £99.99

SanDisk SSD: Superspeed your computer with this SanDisk SSD 256GB - now just £39.99!

Beauty: Save over £50 on this bundle of awesome beauty gifts, perfect for a Christmas present - £129.99

Nintendo Wii U: Get the 32GB Wii U with Mario Kart and Splatoon Premium Pack for £260.99 - save an INCREDIBLE 2%!!!!!!!

See more Amazon Black Friday deals!

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