Favorite month?
There could be a number of reasons why you a specific favorite month, but for me it's December. It's not because of Christmas day, it's because this month feels like the most joyous, happy and caring month of them all. I do suppose Christmas plays apart in that as I feel everyone just seems more happier and there's lots of excitement going around just a great atmosphere especially where I live. What would be your favorite month? that's if you have one.   :)
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October I guess since I was born in that month. And its Halloween on the 31st of October, my favourite holiday ever! I love giving out candies and decorating my home in Halloween colours!

I love when there is slight rain and cold breeze. I guess august and october.

(02-12-2016, 06:08 AM)Cobra Wrote: I love when there is slight rain and cold breeze. I guess august and october.

So summer and fall for your seasons?

April my birth month

This is a really tough decision for me because I like a couple of different months. I like February because my birthday takes place in that month and because February can mean quite a bit of wintery weather for my specific location. I also like December because it is very joyous, cold, and comes with lots of friends, family, and giving. Honestly, I cannot decide which my favorite is. However, I do know that February and December are both my favorite! :)

I like December for obvious reasons, March which is when my birthday is, and May. My reasons for liking May are more complex, but mostly because that is when an area amusement park that I enjoy working at over the summer opens for the season and the weather is starting to get pretty nice by then.

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