Should this be allowed?
Do you think it should be okay for women to breastfeed their baby in public?  Why or why not?

Yes, nothing wrong with it. It's a natural thing and has been occuring for centuries.
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Absolutely, I see nothing wrong with it whatsoever.
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Not Really, in our country you can get charge for what they will call it public indecancy. :)

I see nothing wrong with it but I do believe women should at least cover themselves to some point for self-respect so they aren't showing 'everything'.

Don't see any reason for women to be forbidden to be topless in the first place. Breastfeeding isn't even doing that.

Breast feeding in public is very common, I personally have no problem at all, afterall, A baby need's it's food every 2-3 hours, staying at home all the time will make you suicidal, jesus.

It's just a shame a large amount of people these days want it to be illegal.

I think people find it wrong or weird because they've sexualized breasts to such extents that they cannot be seen as means of food for an infant but rather just as "fun bags". So clearly to them anything related to boobage in public is bad. But I think it's fine. Feed your child. Feed the people. Just do what you want.

Sorry, needed to rant..

I support women being allowed to breastfeed in public but people shouldn’t be forced to not find it gross. If you breast feed in public people will judge you as they should be allowed to, if you don’t want people judging you then you can find a shop that has breast feeding facilities.

Yes there is no issue. if we can eat food publicly then a baby can drink milk publicly

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