Favorite console of all time?
What is your all time favorite console that has been produced up to this point?  Why do you like that console so much?  How much would you be willing to give for that console now that you know it is your favorite?

All the generations of Xbox, mostly because that was the console i grew up with. How much would I be wiling to give for it, to be honest I don't think they're worth too much nowadays, so an adequate price.

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i have to go with the playstation 3. hasnt failed me yet. i used to own the slim ps2, that one broke down 2 times. but as the ps4 grows in popularity, the ps3's popularity is fast dwindling away. already some forums dont support the ps3 anymore..fazing out. still, i will hangon to my ps3 for a while longer

I'd say the PS1, Sony PSP and GameCube.
Good old days.

Nintendo 64.
Sega Megadrive

Some of the classics ;)
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(12-22-2015, 06:05 AM)devindixon Wrote: I'd say the PS1, Sony PSP and GameCube.
Good old days.

gamecube...the only FPS game i really enjoyed was metroid prime. :boba:

Either the Nes or the N64 for me. When I was a child, I used to play with them with my friends from daycare to kindergarten.

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