Has the Xbox One bounced back?
As we know, the Xbox one had a rocky start due to a lot of Microsoft's poor marketing/management decisions. But since its initially release and into 2016, it really to me seems as if the Xbox is rebounding back and coming at Sony's PlayStation hard. Especially with the blindside to Sony that the Xbox is now backward compatible......

While the sales may still be behind the playstation, I do believe Microsoft is rebounding back quite well.
What are your thoughts?

As a proud owner of the Xbox One since launch I can say that it has most definitely made an impressive comeback but might I add this title is a little misleading :-D
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Honestly, XBox has a large following and is used by a lot of "pro gamers" as their go-to console, I really dont think Microsoft has much to worry about.
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Don't think so. I'm not a fan of the Xbox generally speaking. I still like playing on my old Wii.

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