Coffee or Tea?
I don't have a preference for either, I'll have both of them. However, for tea, I'd rather have plain green tea and I'll like some few flavoured coffees, such as Cappucino, Latte, Long Fog and etc.

I actually have recently been told by my dietician to cut out milk, so I am not allowed much coffee / tea at all anymore. 
I can have it for 'treat days' however.

Personally, I prefer tea, iced tea is something that I love! :)
Coffee wise, i'm the same as you: Cappucino, or Latté - I do like a good hot chocolate though! :)
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I stopped drinking tea roughly a year ago and since then I've just been addicted to lattes and cappuccino.
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I love coffee

I drink both, but I definitely prefer coffee and drink a lot more of it.

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