Call of Duty Black Ops
I have played Call of Duty Black Ops for some time now. I have really enjoyed the gaming experience Call of Duty Black Ops one, two, and three offer me and my friends. I really enjoy the online experience that the game offers as well, but most of all I really enjoy multiplayer and zombies. I have been playing a lot of COD Black Ops two lately, and I recently purchased a new map called Mob of the Dead. The Mob of the Dead map was $15, and I thought that was quite expensive but I figured I would give it a try. I came to a conclusion that that specific map was worth the $15! I really enjoy the Call of Duty Black Ops series for the very reasons listed above. What about you?

Yeah, I love Black Ops II. Probably one of my favorite games in the series. Black Ops I was good too, and III is nice, but not my favorite. In terms of Zombies, I think that Black Ops II is the best for that as well.

I played Black Ops 1 back on the PS3, and did enjoy it, but the call of duty franchise annoys the hell out of me these days as it is far too easily hacked and modded, and you get the kids thinking they're gods gift because they can aimbot, and wall hack...
Ignoring that, it is a good game, I went back to MW on PC, thought that is also far too hacked for my enjoyment tbh. :(
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