[TechRadar] Nintendo NX could arrive later this year with a special Zelda in tow
Nintendo NX could arrive later this year with a special Zelda in tow

Nintendo NX could arrive later this year with a special Zelda in tow

Following a leak that ultimately predicted Pokémon Sun and Moon, details on Nintendo's new console and the next Zelda game may have also slipped.

As seen in a NeoGAF post earlier this week by user Trevelyan9999, the Nintendo NX may debut this holiday, along with its own version of the new Legend of Zelda already announced for the Wii U.

Normally, posts claiming to have the inside scoop at Nintendo tend to be as erroneous as they are frequent. However, Trevelyan did predict today's Pokémon news days ahead of schedule, giving the NX and Zelda info some potential legitimacy.

Trevelyan called out a "Pokémon 20th Anniversary game" releasing this holiday, codenamed "Niji," as noted by Kotaku.

The very same codename wound up in the media assets used for the newly announced Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon - a Pokémon game due out this holiday in celebration of the franchise's 20 years.

The steadily creeping approach of the NX isn't the only thing that excites us: news on the upcoming entry in the Zelda franchise has been suspiciously AWOL, leaving us to worry if the open-world adventure was put on ice.

Should this leak be on the money, the new Zelda game will release in a similar fashion as The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess did back in 2006, where it released on both the past-gen GameCube and its successor, the Wii.

That all said, the leak could still turn out to be a load of hooey that got lucky once. However, as we approach the official reveal of the NX, we wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo confirms the holiday release of its shiny new system alongside the new Zelda game.


Seems all quite plausible. The most difficult thing to believe was the announcement of Moon and Sun. Then you get taht the image from Nintendo had the ninji thing on it. That sounds like more than a coincidence to me.

 The idea of a dual release of the game for both consoles sounds not only legit but understandable. Really what will make the difference is what kind of changes will be present in the NX. Nintendo has to make sure the WiiU people doesn't feel cheated on. the announcement of Zelda Wii U, years ago, was what gave the final push to many people to get the console. At the same time Nintendo will want to entice people taht the NX is worth it so I can see a discreet bells and whistles added for the NX version.

Anyway, I don't really think they NX is coming anytime soon and I don't know if the game would be released at the same time for both platforms or not. I guess even with this information there are still a lot of assumptions, haha.
I guess it is best to just wait and see before panicking.

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