Unusual pets?
I was wondering do you or have you ever owned a pet that some many consider unusual? Technically I haven't although I know someone who does, well he's a friend of my fathers, He owns Tarantulas, Scorpions and some others...to be honest it's cool but creepy! In fact for my 16th birthday he gifted me a cased stuffed full size Goliath birdeater and a few years after two scorpions. 

If you would like me to upload a pic of them to this thread let me know below ;)
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I actually don't own any 'unusual' pets, but my buddy owns three parrots, one of which is extremely rare.
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I used to have two chickens for awhile, which not a lot of people have except on farms. 

They came from a school project where our class incubated them and watched them develop after hatching.

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