Amazon kindle changer recall over fears of electric shock
Online retailer Amazon is recalling some Kindle Fire plugs over fears they could pose an electric shock risk.
Devices sold after September 2015 may have chargers that are at risk of breaking and causing electric shocks.
It sent out an email to customers saying: "We have determined that, in rare cases, when the power adapter included with the UK Fire seven-inch and UK Fire Kids Edition seven-inch tablet is pulled from the wall socket, the adapter assembly may detach and create a risk of electrical shock."
Amazon stressed the problem lies specifically with the power adapters, rather than the tablets themselves.
The firm added: "This rare. We wanted to proactively reach out to customers out of an abundance of caution."
The affected devices cost between £49.99 and £99.90 and were sold after September 2015.
Amazon said customers can either request a free replacement adapter online, or ask for £12 credit to be applied to their account allowing them to buy the power adapter of their choice.
The specific charger affected has the model number FABK7B printed on the front of it.
Customers should stop using it immediately, and revert to using the USB cable to charge their device from a laptop or other compatible device in the meantime.
Earlier this year Apple recalled some iPhone plug adapters over similar fears that they could break and cause electric shocks.
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Thank you for sharing @katos Very informative! It's good amazon are willing to fulfill a free replacement or £12 credit to the buyers that have been effected by this.
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