Does anyone else play Minecraft here? Do you prefer it more on PC than on mobile? Why or why not?

I prefer to play it more on PC because there are more features. I also like having a bigger screen. ;)

I play minecraft on PC & Console, speaking of which didn't Microsoft purchase mojang

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Sir Twisted Wrote:I play minecraft on PC & Console, speaking of which didn't Microsoft purchase mojang

They did indeed.

I USED to play mine craft on PC. I no longer play it at all
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Never understood the appeal of that game. I tried it once, but it quickly bored me. I'm more into games that actually have a plot.

I currently play Minecraft on the computer and I tend to play the Multi-Player version allot. Some people would argue that Minecraft is boring, I would have to disagree with here. Minecraft isn't boring because on Multi-Player you interactive with other players and play different servers such as KitPvP, which is killing others players, or Skywars (fighting in the Sky with Limited resources) and many more servers.

Most Minecraft Multi-Player Servers will have these servers in-built into them and this will allow the players to interactive with each other. However, if you want to build by yourself and choose the "game rules" etc, you can play single player and build and be creative! You can build what you want, whether that will be a house or a city! That's why I have continued to play Minecraft for so many years now because you can have endless amounts of fun, especially in multiplayer.

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