[OFFICIAL] Movie Recommendations.
Feel free to post any movie recommendations of your choice here, if wanted you can also include the movies genre and description and your own personal rating. There is no limit on how many times you can post. You also have the ability to ask members if they have any recommendations, rather than posting one yourself.
  • My current recommendations:
  • Get Him to the Greek - Comedy
  • Airheads - Comedy 
  • The Warriors - Action, Adventure
  • The Cabin in the Woods - Horror 
  • Tucker and Dale vs Evil - Comedy, Horror
  • Orphan - Horror 
  • Slither - Comedy, Horror
  • Arthur - Comedy 
  • Rock of Ages - Musical, Comedy, Drama
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List has been updated.
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Movies I'd recommend:

Blue Valentine (Indie/ Drama/ Romance)
Prometheus (Sci-Fi/Thriller)
Wolf of Wall Street (Drama/ Biography)
Dallas Buyers Club (Drama/ History)
The Exorcist (Horror)
Nightmare on Elm Street (Horror)
Predestination (fantasy/ thriller)
Here is mine.....

- Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (fantasy)
- True Grit (both the original & the remake) (western)
- Chronicles of Narnia (all of them) (fantasy)
- The Seventh Son (fantasy)
- All of the movies from the Harry Potter series (fantasy)
I also recommend Scully and Cool Runnings.
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Captain Phillips is good too. Everyone loves Tom Hanks
I recommend watching the movies the Patriot and Braveheart.
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Definitely check out the gangs of New York and wolf on wall street.
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