Man Stole a PS4 From His Neighbour and Got Caught for Ridiculous Reason
A guy from Tennessee is facing charges of Aggravated Burglary and Possession of a Controlled Substance after stealing his neighbor’s PlayStation 4 and then stealing the very same neighbor’s WiFi to play games online .

The PlayStation 4’s true owner went away on vacation, only to return to his apartment with his PS4, two televisions, a laptop and other various items missing. Basically, the burglar was looking to get his man cave all set up for The Division, but he was busted.
A couple of days after the burglary occurred, the PS4 owner saw  that his PlayStation had not only been turned on, but that it was still connected to his WiFi, so he called the police and explained the situation to them.

It turned out that the man was robbed by his neighbor. The police found Phillip D Booker in his home playing on a stolen PS4, the stolen laptop and small amount of marijuana.

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Provided by GameVify.

It is depressing that anyone would steal a games console as they are not that expensive and are extremely easy for sony to track down as every console it associated with a serial number, similar to how mobile phone have IMIE numbers that can be easily traced.

How desperate does one have to be to steal your neighbor's belongings, especially the console and the WiFi! Like seriously!? What was going through that guy's mind when his neighbor returned, I can only imagine he was laughing furiously thinking he's getting away with it. Fortunately nope.
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