Your Hobbies?
Mines is gaming, art, graphics & forum designing and managing.
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Coding, Art, Mobile Gaming, YouTube etc...
Digital graphics, coding, technology, gaming, drinking (Y)
"I'm a gamer, not because I don't have a life... But because I choose to have many"
My recent hobbies include, mask making and binge watching Netflix.
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hmm where to start? 

Gaming (dota mainly, though I am really enjoying Pillars of Eternity atm), also love board games (not the normal ones like Monopoly, but things like CAtan, Eldar Signs, Eclipse etc.) reading. writing, drawing. designing, illustrating books, horse riding, rock climbing, ice skating and ice hockey, surfing, chess, scuba diving, growing bonsai... ok I can't think of anything else right now...
Gaming, watching tv, dog walking, helping

Fit all that into one day lol along  with house work and the general day to day things.  Cause i can't lol.
I like to draw and make YouTube videos. I also like to dabble in creative writing, but I haven't published anything yet.
working on automobiles , and gaming :)
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Coding in HTML, Dodgeball, drawing, YouTubing, exercising. Stuff like that.
I love acting, not sure if you count this as a hobby or an interest, but I believe this falls in either category.

In case you're already wondering, yes I am an Actor.

I have been passionate since the age of 12 for acting and now I am 32 years old. It all started in High School Drama class, I knew where everyone was meant to be and say at that time.

Ever since then, I always looked for Acting classes and gigs to perform in, and I still do look for gigs.

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