My 3rd Silk Scarf from my algerian Friend!
This is my 3rd gift from her, omg, I'm loving it so much on me, its colors and etc. Anyways, without any further delay, here it is for your eye's feast : 

[Image: ciODgwb.jpg]

Pros : It was a gift from a long-time friend of mine, so its very dear, special to me, and its beautiful on me. Its got stunning colours that match my clothes, skin tone and complexion. I'm loving it!

Cons : Its a bit too long for my neck so I gotta make it shorter when I'm wearing it, but otherwise, I'm liking everything about it! My friend often gives me stuff because at times, I watch her kiosk for her for a bit. And today I did that for her , and she got me this in return, gorgeous gift that suits me very well! 

Anyways thoughts about it on my person?
Looks good, glad you're liking it! :)
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