Mark Zuckerberg tested Facebook Live. It didn’t go as Planned
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Yesterday Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg tried to demonstrate the capabilities of his company’s live streaming service, but it didn’t go as planned.Few seconds after the start the video stream collapsed.

It was showing that the video was “Live”, but in fact, it was showing and 8 seconds clip of a grey sofa with some background noises.
No one knew what caused this. At that time, more than 118 000 people were watching and probably laughing.

 Few minutes after that the video was removed from the page. According to Facebook, there were no technical problems with the stream, but Zuckerberg simply decided to close it down in order to change his location, which might be true because few minutes later the stream started again.

 After the last updates, Facebook Live now has the video characteristics of Snapchat and it’s now a major competitor of Twitter’s Periscope.

Let's Get Viral!
How odd...I didn't watch the live stream myself. But I can just imagine a lot of embarrassment on his behalf, as he's trying to demonstrate the capabilities of his company’s live streaming service.
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