Sir Twisted
Which do you Prefer Xbox or Playstation?
No console arguments, opinion is allowed just don't fight about each console. 

I prefer xbox.
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I prefer Playstation. I've always played Playstation more than I have an xbox.
I don't own an xbox only a playstation so I also have more experience with it.
I have always enjoyed xbox.

But my plox community is PS
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Playstation myself, can't honestly say i've played XBox too much, so I couldn't give a fair shout about them,
but I do prefer their controllers, they're far comfier than Playstation.
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Depends. I am more in for the games than the consoles. Personally I prefer challenging games, anime games and horror games. All which there are plenty of on the PS systems, but a lack of on the Xbox systems. Though I haven't tried the Xbox One yet, I own all of the previous installments for both Xbox and PS besides the Xbox One. (Two of each in fact.)

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