My Earcuff!
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I just bought a new ear accessory. This is it. I'm pretty satisfied with it because its exactly what I wanted for a very long time and I've been looking everywhere to find something like that. 

Pros : Its very pretty, its flowery and it enhances my natural beauty. I find its flower design very elegant, like Elven jewellery in the LoTR movies. I'd like to get my hands on one of them soon. I got for very cheap : 8,5$ after tax. I found it at Ardene, a very big women accessory chain. 

Cons : Its gold, I'd rather have a silver-colored one, but yeah as the saying goes : "You can't have everything the way you want in life." Sometimes, we gotta compromise. I've never worn anything golden before and I think it suits me rather well. I'd have preferred it were silver though. It cost me 8,5. So yeah, thats my little review of my latest purchase.
Oh the satisfaction of retrieving or finding something you've always wanted or have been looking for! :) it looks great! I love gold tbh. I don't own many gold items. However the colour is marvellous in my eyes.
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Looks great! :)
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