Sir Twisted
Your ideal life.
what is the perfect life in your eyes?

for me would be getting a job that i love and i am great at! Having a happy family & living life to the fullest.
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Mine would be to be happy and to have no health problems at all. That would the best life of all. Health is a very important thing to have in life, IMO.
Likewise Naiwen - less health issues, as well as securing my dream job in digital forensics. :)
"I'm a gamer, not because I don't have a life... But because I choose to have many"
Ideal Life..

Hmm. this is really interesting question.

My goal is to live a perfect life. I want to do something that will help the others. I already have an idea for a software that can be used by everyone. This is my goal - I want to be able to have kids, give them anything they want, aswell as helping everyone in need, because everyone deserves a better life.

Right now we live in a bad world. Everyone likes to attack successful people. This is really stupid in my opinion. For example in my country people say "Oh look this guy drives a ba*tard." They are complaining...complaining about being poor, but they never did something to change this..why are you sleeping all day, why are you cursing every single successful guy?

Everyone should sit for a moment and decide their future.

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