Smash Hit
I have the iPhone and I have all of the pre-installed applications such as Safari, Notes, etc. I have also got a game called "Smash hit" and Smash hit is where you smash virtual glass by tapping your fingers, you start of with 24 balls and each time you smash the crystal triangles you get more balls to smash glass. It has different levels, it starts off easy and then it get's harder. The graphics are amazing in my opinion and this game must of been hard to develop.

It has been out on the app store and android store for quite some time now but you can have tons of fun with it for weeks on end. I'd highly recommend this application as it is really fun and you can download it on the Android Store here and you can download it on the App Store here.
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Looks a great game, might have to try this out! Thanks for sharing it :)
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