Site updates (May)
Hi all! 

As we head into May, we thought we'd look over some of the exciting new features and updates we've made to Forum Authority over the past few months.
Firstly, we appreciate that sadly, in some areas, there are still a few bugs that we are ironing out. We thank you for your continued patience with this whilst we look at ways to tackle our problems. 
With that out of the way; here's what we have done.

New editor
Our site has undergone changes to the editor to allow us to better control the responsiveness across devices when creating posts, topics, replies and even Private Messages (PMs). We are however, going to be editting / changing this again in the future due to bugs (thanks to @Gamevify for noticing!) with the formatting. 

Image support
For those of you who have noticed, when uploading images through the editor, images are now served through Imgur, which helps to reduce our server load; increasing speeds. This also helps us to ensure that your image will be served, and not lost in the nether!

Site speeds
As mentioned before, site speeds have hugely improved. We're now operating a double-layer cache, using a proxy to pull requests and store them so that loads should happen quicker. This slightly increases our bandwidth, but the long-term effects outweigh this, and speeds have improved ten-fold.

Whilst you wont see this, our code has been cleaned up (big thanks to Sir Twisted for his help with this one!) 

Apparently a feature that a lot of you seem to love! We've implemented 'push notifications' to allow us to inform you all of new replies, PM's, etc.
In the future, support will be added for mobile notifications (sadly, Mybb seems to hate my code for this lately, but I promise you it's coming!)

We've now added a custom security layer to our back-end systems to reduce the risk (it's impossible to stop completely) of XSS, SQLi, etc. 
We have also boosted our DDoS protection.
Furthermore, active steps are in place to further encrypt our systems.
We've also added support for regular backups and integrity checks.

Social, social, social... The bane of my life at the moment! 
As some of you are aware, I.. (katos) have been working my socks off to try to develop our social pages
(Twitter | Facebook | Google+)

So, with this in mind:
[Image: bacd0414c4.png]
The footer section now links correctly to all of our social pages, and will allow you to see our pages instantly.

Social sharing
When on a thread, you can now click to share this content with your followers, helping us massively! (and yourself, if it's your thread!)
To do so, simply locate the share button under the thread / post:
[Image: 278bf05504.png] (subject to change)

From here, you can select to share to Google+, Facebook or Twitter.
This system is still in development by myself and Sir Twisted

Our Growth
We also thought we would share how amazingly far we have come over the past few months thanks to the unwaivering support of you guys and gals! 

[Image: 5dfc391ba5.png]

[Image: 8d38991c29.png]

So what's next?
  • Over the next few months, our goal is to further grow our user base and push our horizons onto social networks to gain a wider audience. We also want to expand our partnership program even further to pull in even more amazing content (Hope you guys are liking the superb content that @Gamevify provides us! (see their site: here))
  • We have also been talking about the potential for forum-related merchandise (a thread is to follow about this!). 
  • We are also going to further develop our speeds and security.
  • As the software begins to mature and develop, our biggest change will be the move to Mybb V2.0
  • New staff?!
  • Potentially new themes (including a dark version of this)
  • A status page, allowing you to keep up-to-date with updates and changes on-the-fly.
  • Staff interviews / AMA's

That's all for now folks!
Thanks for being a loyal member of Forum Authority, and if you have any further suggestions please head on over to the Suggestions Forum

Keep smiling, keep posting, keep your authority going.
The Forum Authority Team.
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Amazing work! I can't wait to see the Dark Theme!
Very well detailed and informative thank you for sharing the sites update katos! However I'd like to notify everyone that the social share has been discontinued and has been replaced by the new and improved share icons on the left-hand side of the page this is fixed so it will scroll upon you doing so, however there is an option to minimise this while browsing the forum. Its functionality is simple and effective, it gives you the option to share the current page/thread/profile etc...you are on easily and hassle free to your chosen social media site/s it has a variety of options as well in case social media is not your thing such as emailing and printing.

(05-07-2016, 09:05 PM)GameVify Wrote: Amazing work! I can't wait to see the Dark Theme!

I'm glad you like what we are doing over here! However the dark theme may take some time to come out...as it is not currently a priority of mine too create a dark version of the theme. I am still expanding and developing this one. :)
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