10 Years Old Boy Found a gap in Instagram and was Rewarded by Facebook
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10 years old boy from Helsinki named Gianni discovered a serious flaw in the popular platform for images and videos – Instagram.

 The little genius found out that he can delete any text posted on the app, simply by changing some of the app code. He sent an email to Facebook, showing that he deleted a comment, posted by the company itself. In an interview, the young boy said:  â€œI could delete everything, including everything from Justin Bieber’s profile”.

 According to Forbes, the flaw was discovered in late February. The technology giant gave $10 000 as a reward.Jani plans to use the reward to buy a new bike, football gear, and new computers for his brothers, he said in the interview with Iltalehti. He ousted a 13-year-old to become the youngest ever recipient of Facebook’s bug bounty program, which offers rewards to people who identify and report legitimate security risks.

 Since it launched in 2011, Facebook’s bug bounty has awarded over $4.3 million to more than 800 researchers. The program determines the payout based on a bug’s risk, rather than how complex it may be. In 2015 alone, 210 researchers received $936,000 with an average payout of $1,780.
Great to hear! I hope he continues with this and develops into a respectable security analyst. Wish him all the best in his future! 
Thanks for sharing this awesome story @Gamevify!
"I'm a gamer, not because I don't have a life... But because I choose to have many"
He should be a motivation for everyone
How ingenius he is! I'm glad for him, he deserved his monetary reward! Its good of Facebook to pay people to look out for bugs and glitches too. Facebook is already rich enough to afford it. I never knew Facebook to be so philantropical!

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