My newest Hair Accessory!
[Image: H35bTTd.jpg]

Today, I bought 2 hairclips for 4,05$ @ Ardene, a women's accessories' shop. Here it is in my hair in this picture I took just right now.

Pros : Its got a butterfly end, which I like. I've been wanting this kind of hair accessory for a long time, but didn't find one that worked for me. Today I did and at a very reasonable price. I think it makes my hair more stylish, prettier, and more elegant. It makes me feel more like a woman. I didn't like to wear those things before today. Its a new style for me and I'm falling more and more in love with everytime I look at myself in a mirror! So see it for yourself, how are you finding it?

Cons : It cost me 4,05$ for 2. Its a wee bit too long for my taste.
wait is this reaL

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