An Indian Saleswoman who never looks happy to be there!
So in my city, there's a bunch of shopping malls and the one I'm going to daily is called the Eaton Center, the one in my town's center obviously. And there's a saleswoman in a women's accessories and jelwery boutique who never looks none to happy to be there. I don't think the job is suitable for her at all since she doens't seem to enjoy it too much either. She never smiled not even once at anyone passing by her. Or any potential customer going in the small boutique for that matter. I don't know how they're selling their things if she's acting like that to customers. She's always got the face of someone who's never in a good mood. I've never seen her actually happy for once to be here! I think such a salesperson shouldn't be in sales. She should maybe do something else that she can enjoy. I can only imagine that her days must be so long to pass. Anyways, I'm guessing its because they're not selling a lot that she's like that, but the more she's like that, the less they're going to sell. The male boss is always cheerful. I once told him about his employee's attitude at work and he told me he's going to do something about it, but I guess he didn't get around to do it yet because her attitude at work hasn't changed in the least bit. Have you ever met any unhappy salespeople personally yourself?

Yes, but I don't really care as it doesn't affect my daily life.

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