My views on religion
Well, I want to start this thread off by saying that I respect all religions, no matter what your beliefs hold (except if you believe in this

My personal religion is an agnostic atheist. I hold no belief in any God nor do I disapprove of any God. I embrace uncertainty and I just live life. What happens when I die is just going to be a big surprise for me basically. 

I did hold a belief in Christianity when I was younger, but then I realized that holding potentially a false hope in life is not worth it. I rather live life not knowing than be possibly lied to for all of my time here.

You can read more about my religion here: Agnostic Atheism

(please add a philosophy category.)

I'll be moving your thread into debates and philosophy, personally, I'm Wiccan because I love magic and believe in magic, you might think of me as crazy, but I'm not and I don't believe I got magical powers. But I do think that magic made this universe.

(05-15-2016, 06:18 PM)Naiwen Wrote: I'll be moving your thread into debates and philosophy

You didn't move the thread properly - have done that now

I too, am agnostic atheist
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I'm not understanding about how an individual could view Christianity as correct, I mean, sure Christians do have a good general set of morals but they base their views on a book. If that sort of thing is for you then I'm happy you found something that you propose is true and base your life around it. Personally I am an agnostic atheist.

I am an atheist, but atheism isnt really a religion soo i am not a part in any religion.

I kind of hate religion, the religions i hate the most are islamist and african christians, if you ask me why then ill just say that i cant really answer... I mostly hate the people following these religions..

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