"Elephants can remember" by Agatha Christie, my 1st Book Review on Forumauthority!
So I've finished a whole book this afternoon sipping a latter at my favourite bookstore today. Sepnt 4,32$ for my latte, which was a good one. They make super good coffee-flavoured drinks there. Its got a coffee shop and a bookstore altogether. The coffee shop is in the bookstore. And I brought my novel with me while sipping my lattee. Anyways, I wish to review the superb novel that I enjoyed today and wish to share my thoughts on it with you guys. I'll do so in 7 parts : Genre, Plot's Summary, Plot's Review, Major Characters' Review, Writing Style and Language used Review, My final Rating and My general thoughts about it. Please enjoy my review. If you've read this book, please feel free to discuss it with me. Thanks for reading my review.

Genre : detective, crime-solving fiction.

Plot's Summary : Mrs. Adriane Oliver, her famous detective stories novelist, got invited to a literary luncheon. There, she met one of her fans : a certain Mrs. Burton-Cox, who told her that her goddaughter, Celia Ravenscroft's parents, were both shot died. But who killed whom? Thats what Mrs. Burton-Cox, Miss Ravenscroft's future mother-in-law, wants to know because if Celia's parents got a mental disorder, she might got it too, and she didn't want her son Desmond to marry a mentally deranged girl with murderous tendencies, or so is her pretext. Hence why Mrs. Adriane Oliver, enlisted Hercule Poirot's help to solve that little in all appearences, that looked like suicide, crime. It might be a crime, it might not be. So Hercule Poirot's task is to discover if it is a murder or not , and if it were, the husband killed his wife or vice-versa? 

Major Characters' Review : Mrs. Adriadne Oliver, her famous detective novelist is decripted as high-classed person, who loves to do her hair. She likes to look different in each and everyone of her hairstyles, likes to wear on decorative hats and etc. Mrs. Burton-Cox, the one who wanted to know about if it were a murder or not, and if it were, murdered whom. Bossy and unlikeable, is trying to set her son up against his gilrfriend, because of the girl's parents' deaths circumstances. She started everything. Desmond, Mrs. Burton-Cox's adopted son, loves his girlfriend Celia Ravenscroft dearly, in fact, he's been her childhood friend who's living next to her all her life. Celia Ravenscroft : lady-like, petite, dressed with styled, now because of her future mother-in-law's disapproval of her, wants desperately to know the truth about her parents' deaths. Hercule Poirot : Belgian detective who's helping these people solve the case that happened in Celia's childhood, beginning of teenagehood.

Writing Style and Language used Review : Very flowing narrative and dialogue, I didn't feel the dialogues were forced in any way, all natural, as if normal people talking everyday. Pace : very good, interchanging narrative and dialogue and characters' PoV, which is what I liked. Language used : not a single grammar mistake and written in very old English, well English of her time, not of ours. And sometimes used French or any other languages, which made her novel rich and engaging, and which shows that she was a greatly intellectual and educated woman.

My final Rating of it : 200%. I enjoyed it from start to finish, nothing bad to say about it.

My general impressions on it : I've loved her complex plot, interwoven with narrative and dialogue, and her charming characters' interactions. I thought everybody had a part in it, no unecessary words or character. Anyways, I thoroughly recommand this top crime novelist who lived from the 19th century and 20th century. Such a thrilling and creative plot! I can't think of how she could have imagined it out of her own head! She must have been a very creative and intelligent woman.

I read that a few years back, all in all it was a good story.  It was not the best in my opinion. I like books that keep you thinking at the end, this story in particular didn't really do that for me, and in my opinion that was the only con.

(05-17-2016, 10:04 PM)seed Wrote: I read that a few years back, all in all it was a good story.  It was not the best in my opinion. I like books that keep you thinking at the end, this story in particular didn't really do that for me, and in my opinion that was the only con.

Her best one is either "Death on the Nile" or "Murder on the Orient-Express", imo. Which do you think is her best novel?

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