Facebook Introduces 24-hour Broadcasting
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You can now stream nonstop on Facebook Live! The company announced an upgrade from the 90-minute limit previously imposed on streams using Facebook’s Live API, but you won’t be able to rewind streams to play back later.

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But that’s not everything. The broadcasters now can make the video available to users in a specific location. Facebook recently rolled out multi-camera support and the ability to add on-screen graphics. Maybe this is the beginning of the new Facebook Channels. It’s a matter of time before you start asking “Who is your favorite facebooker?
I agree! Looks like they are competing with the likes of Vimeo, Twitch, Youtube, etc.
I would say that what they're doing has good premise etc, and if it was integrated properly with their current network it could work well. I would also like to see them use this platform for updates of news, disasters etc.

Having the ability to tag for stuff like: "EARTHQUAKE" etc, would be good. This would mean that people could let their friends and family know that they're ok, and give them a live update on their situation and have it delivered as an 'important message' to their friends list (or those selected.)

This does however have good promise. I can't wait to see how far they go with it.
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