The Most Luxurious Hotel in The World Opens New Terrace
[Image: burj-al-arab-north-deck-hero1-758x337.jpg]

Dubai luxury hotel Burj Al Arab unveiled its new beach leisure facility, called the Terrace, on Wednesday.
The 10,000m square space is extending 100m out to sea from the back of the iconic hotel provides members and hotel guests with two swimming pools.

Quote:Burj Al Arab Terrace is our most ambitious project since the hotel was created; it’s a global first in hotel construction with a breakthrough combination of creative marine design, ingenious engineering and guest-friendly planning. – said the Burj Al Arab general manager Anthony McHale.

The new addition arrived in Dubai from Finland. The eight pieces weigh in at 5,000 tonnes and have each been lowered onto around 90 pylons sunk into the seabed.


Dubai drew a record number of visitors in 2015 and it’s looking to keep up its momentum. This amazing city drew 14.2 million tourists last year.

Here is some information if you are planning a vacation in the most luxurious hotel in The world. An annual membership is priced at Dhs 100,000 while membership for a couple and two children under 16 will cost Dhs 125,000.

I'm wondering how much they're making anually.

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