Crazy People talking or laughing to themselves unnerve me!
I hate crazy, out of their minds people talking to themselves or laughing to themselves, it just startles me and unnerves me. So weekly, I gotta go to a therapy clinic due to my suicidal depression last year, and everytime I go there, there are people who either talk to themselves around their corners, or laugh to themselves or smile to themselves for no reason at all. Did you ever come across anyone as mad as such I'm describing here? They just startle me and when they talk to me, they unnerve me even more because they are perfect strangers to me. They can even creep me out when they approach me without knowing me first! If it were my friend saying "Hi" to me, I wouldn't mind that much, but these are totally unknown people to me prior to their talking to me first. Do you feel the same as I about such mad people anywhere?

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