X-Men : Apocalypse
So, I just saw yesterday night with a friend of mine this movie which I'd like to review in 6 parts : Genre, Plot's review, Major Characters' review, Cast's review, Special Effects' review and my final rating and thoughts about it.

Genre : sci-fi, fantasy, adventure

Plot's review : A little bit used plot, a recycled old plot, nothing original or new.

Major Character's Review : Lots of major character, I'll just review 3 : Professor Charles Xavier and Magneto and Mystique/Raven.
Professor Charles Xavier : Very well played, we know why he hasn't got any hair in the other X-men. Magneto : Background story very touching. Mystique/Raven : I liked how she was portrayed, although she wasn't in blue and red hair.

Cast's review : I'm neutral about the cast, except the Asian girl who played Jubilee. I didn't like her acting at all.

Special Effects' review : mind-blowing special effects, I loved Magneto's power. I loved all that show of the Mutants' power.

My final Rating and Thoughts about it : 7/10 for the special effects, but the story line was a little thin. And I didn't like the Asian actress in it. So yeah, my thoughts about it. If seen it, whats yours?

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