Android vs iOS. Which One is Better?
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These two operating systems are used primarily in the mobile technology, such as smartphones and tablets. But which one is better? Should you buy a smartphone with Google’s android or Apple’s iOS operating system? This is a hard question to answer because there are good points to both systems. Android is now the world’s most commonly used smartphone platform and is used by many different phone manufacturers. iOS is only used on Apple devices, such as the iPhone.

Let’s start with something that is used mostly by the people that are travelling a lot – themaps. Google Maps is way better on Android than it is on iPhone. Why? It has better graphics, navigation, etc, although Apple’s turn by turn navigation is quite good! Google’s turn-by-turn navigation still needs some visual work and Apple’s search results could be displayed more efficiently.


Another important thing we will talk about is the price of these products. We all know that Apple’s prices are kinda ridiculous, but we will talk discuss it anyway. It’s worth mentioning that unlike the iOS, which is used only on the iPhone, Android dominates the market in terms of numbers. You can pick from a lot of different android smartphones for the price of for example $100. Generally Android-based phones are lower cost than iPhones.


Security the most important thing here. Malware is a major issue among Android devices. These viruses mainly come through Android apps on the Google Play Store.

Quote:Although Android security has improved greatly in recent years, adopting SELinux and implementing access control policies to ensure a secure least privilege environment, the open nature of the ecosystem means that threats will always be more prevalent on Android devices.

The last that we are going to cover in this article is the customizability. There are literally thousands of ways to customize your android phone. For example the widgets for your screen or even custom keyboards. With iOS, you get a polished system that works great out of the box but can also get old and boring pretty fast. iOS offers no way to fully customize your phone according to your personality unless you jailbreak it. Android, however, is built for such shenanigans.

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Android for phone for me.

Android, just not a fan of IOS.
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