Where are those Sandals? I need them NOW!
So today, while I was calmly trying on shoes at Browns' and asking about sizes and stuff, a very rude and impatient saleslady, because she didn't see the sandals I tried them last in my hands, yelled angrily at me and demanded of me : "Where are those sandals? I need them NOW!" In her tone of voice use, I could feel she was yelling at me and losing patience with me and using capital letters in the "NOW". She asked me a few times after I answered her : "I don't know, I don't remember where I put them last, I might have mislaid them." Therefore, I called Browns' to put a complaint against her, lets hope they're going to do something about it. I'm so pissed off about it at the moment, still reminiscing about my bad shopping experience this afternoon. After she impatiently yelled at me, I told her angrily too : "I was thinking of getting a pair of shoes, but I don't think I'm going to now that you've treated me so badly." Did any salesperson ever lose patience with you? Anyways, all to say, I felt treated like a thief and said so to her and to a Browns' customer service care agent when I called them to make a complaint against that particularly impatient saleswoman.

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