A Saleswoman randomly asked me : "Have you ever been in a Relationship?"
So today, while I was shopping at Ardene, a big jewelry and women's accessories store, a saleswoman out of nowhere and right off  the bat asked me : "Have you ever been in a relationship?" I thought that was really inappropriate to ask of a client, so I told her it was none of her business, and she called a security guard on me whilst denying to the security guard that she asked me such a personal question, which is an invasion of my privacy, and I told her so, and she said I was being aggressive and violent with her. Of course and obviously, anyone'd get mad at being asked such questions, right? So I got kicked out of the store for no fault of mine, entirely her fault. Plus, I'm thinking : "their loss, not mine." What do you of think of what happened to me today and what would you have done at my place?

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