The “Spam King” Gets 2.5 Years in Prison
A hacker who called himself ‘Spam King’ and sent 27 million unsolicited Facebook messages for a variety of scams has been sentenced to 30 months in jail. The federal judge in San Jose, California also ordered Sanford Wallace (The Spam King) to pay over $310,000 in restitution.


Wallace used what is known as a “phishing” scheme to conduct large scale spamming of Facebook users. He created accounts that messaged strangers, linking them to a page that appeared to be Facebook. However, this fake page required the user’s login credentials. When users provided them, thinking that they were just signing into Facebook again, he would use their accounts to spam their friends.


Stanford’s spamming career dates back to the ’90s, when he sent junk fax messages, before turned to email. Despite protests from SPAM foodstuff maker Hormel, his critics named him “Spamford”–a domain he later registered. He also dabbled in spyware and MySpace spamming, which resulted in a lawsuit in 2007.

Looks like justice caught up to him, hate spam and spammers, his actions has put him where he should be.
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He didn't actually get charged for spamming, though. He got charged for hacking Facebook accounts. Spamming is legal as long as there is a link to opt out of it.

Considering the malware and phishing he undertook, 30 months is nothing. Though, I'm glad he got something...

Thanks for sharing @gamevify
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