Chinese are evil to Tibetans!
I got into a fierce debate about Tibet with a Spanish woman on my bus home. She was way too close-minded and wouldn't stop saying that the Chinese are evil to the Tibetans. What she didn't know about Tibet : they invaded us 2 k yhears BC ago and we signed a treaty of peace with them. They agreed out of their own free will to subject themselves to the Chinese Emperor of that time. The common misconception about Tibet is that we colonized them. In truth, it's always been a treaty of peace and of sharing lands with them. We Chinese have always been fair to them. They colonized the Nepali, the Uighur, the Mongols and the Manchus, the Tamouls and the Han Chinese. They pillaged our villages and towns and cities, and raped our women and children. The Han ethnicity is the majority in China. And thats why there are Tibetans, Mongolians, Uighur and etc living together in China because China had been colonized by many tribes. And later on, the British led an expedition to Tibet and marched on Lassa in 1910. The British forced the Chinese to agree on the 17 point agreement to cede Tibet to the British because the British had guns. And also, Weng Chen Princess from the Han Dynasty went to Tibet at the Tibetan king's request to marry a Han princess, the Han Emperor honored this request.  Also, the Tibetan King built the Potala palace for her. Plus, to be on the language side, all ethnic minorities in China have kept their own languages, their traditions, their folklore and much more. So did we treat them ruthlessly? No. Its my view that the Westerners considered most other people to be "savages". I don't want to offend anybody, but I just needed to let it out. Thanks for reading about Tibet with an open mind. Please feel free to debate respectfully with me on this and in light of new information I gave on the matter, thank you.

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